Professional Services:

Our internal experts and partners can assist you in delivering a perfect event.

Our services include:
  • "Pre-event" Registration Support
  • Onsite Registration Support
  • International Registration Support
  • Project Management
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Session Scanning / Tracking

Event Management Technology:

Our solution integrates marketing, registration, and event management components to assist you through every step of the planning process.

Our technologies include:
  • Online Registration
  • Reporting 24/7
  • Payment Processing
  • Badge Printing
  • Email Solution
  • Session Module
  • Housing Management
  • Exhibitor Management
  • Speaker Management
  • Onsite Solutions

Badge Printing

Our internal experts are experts in formatting and designing event-friendly badges.

Our services include:
  • Logo / Design Consultation
  • Multiple Badges Types Support
  • Expertise in Quality Printing
  • Quick Turnaround Time